The first of the season 🇸🇪

Join Ted Logardt and Lars Munk in Swedish Lapland as they embark on a mission to catch the first Baltic salmon of the season on the beautiful Kengis Bruk.

Two-Hands Down Under 🇦🇺

Although it might not seem the most obvious place for it, two-handed fishing in Australia is growing in popularity for a number of reasons.

The North 🇳🇴

Located in northern Norway lies Finnmark a true wilderness with gin clear rivers, breath taking nature and salmon rivers famous for their large salmon that run the rivers each year….

Grayling Land

Once the Atlantic salmon season comes to a natural conclusion, full focus turns towards fishing for our resident population of grayling on the River Teviot. Although very much weather dependant,…

Hunt River

Respect your river – The Hunt

Discover how Chris Verbiski has managed to bring the Hunt river back to life, and teamed up with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to do one of the most promising research programs for Atlantic Salmon.