OPTI K2 Single Hand Rod

A lightweight, responsive action fly rod designed for the discerning trout angler.Read more

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  • Features
    • Blank in aesthetic deep gunmetal grey
    • High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements
    • Triangular aluminum reel seat in bright anodized finish
    • Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides with double coating
    • Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections
    • Delivered in matching pentagonal tube and cloth bag
    • Designed and developed in Sweden


    3100-4 8 123
    388-4 8 123
    490-4 10 154
    590-4MF 12 185
    590-4F 12 185
    596-4 12 185
    696-4 14 216

Model chart

3100-4MF 10' 3 MF 88 4
388-4 8'8" 3 MF 82 4
490-4 9' 4 MF 83 4
590-4MF 9' 5 MF 88 4
590-4F 9' 5 F 90 4
596-4 9'6" 5 MF 93 4
696-4 9'6" 6 MF 99 4
690-4 9' 6 MF 4
790-4 9' 7 MF 4
796-4 9'6" 7 MF 4
7100-4 10' 7 MF 4
890-4 9' 8 MF 4
8100-4 10' 8 MF 4

Product description

The OPTI K2 single handed fly rod range is a direct result of the success of the K2 dedicated euro-nymphing rod and the demand for a lightweight trout specific series of rods. During extensive testing worldwide our aim was to provide a lightweight responsive action fly rod built for those specific conditions that our angling community are looking for. Finished in a deep gunmetal grey the K2 series of rods are designed for the discerning trout angler.

3100 – The K2 Euro-nymphing rod is the specialist rod for this popular method of fly-fishing.The refined flex-plane of the blank offers ultra connective drift control. Armed with a down-locking reel seat for enhanced balance and slim profile half-wells for increased sensitivity. If the fish start feeding from the surface it also provide you with a lovely action for dries.  Great reach and control of the line and a lot of fun to play fish with.

388 – Delicate presentations, thin leaders and good precision. These are the words that best describe this rod. If spooky fish on small waters is your aim then this is the perfect tool.

490 – Just like its little brother (388) the 490 is about presentation, thin leaders and precision. A smooth tempo is what the rod likes. Although, if some distance is needed it has the resources.

590MF – This rod loves a smooth casting stroke and when given it will present your imitation as it is supposed to. This rod is dedicated for presentation, thin leaders and precision. When fighting your fish you will feel it all the way down to the cork.

590F – This is a very versatile all round 5 weight rod. It prefers a little higher tempo and wants you to feed it with line. If tight loops and precision at distance is your game, this is the one for you. Dries or smaller streamers, the choice is yours.

596 – Large imitations on still waters, sinking lines, dries at long distances, streamers or heavy nymph rigs.Under or overhand casting the 596 excels on all of the above and will just not give in. It can hold loads of line in the air and will not disappoint on shorter distances.

690 – Dries, nymphs and streamers. The 690 is a very versatile rod that handle most situations. Without losing feeling and presentation this is a go to rod when fish is starting to get a bit bigger.

696 – Streamers, large dries and distance, words that fit well with the 696. The rod really excels when you have to push through wind and it absolutely loves to go toe to toe with big trout.

790 – The 790 comes to good use as the conditions are getting a bit more windy. The rod likes to push through wind with tight loops. Also perfect when the streamers are getting a bit bigger and heavier.

796 – Like the lighter 696 this rod likes a streamer or a big dry, not least a bomber on a salmon river. Works well with both WF lines and Spey lines.

890 – The 890 is a lightweight “heavy” rod. Whether it is fishing for pike, bonefish or snook this light 8 weight has backbone to handle whatever you might encounter.

7100 – A really nice rod for both overhead and spey casting. It is nice to have that extra length of a 10`rod when fishing rivers where line control matters. The perfect choice when needing to add that extra distance.

8100 – Just like the 7100 this rod is as good for overhead casting as for spey casting. The 8100 is a perfect rod for single handed salmon fishing. The rod feels very light in hand but certainly has enough power to wrestle strong fish.

Article number OPK2

8'8" #3, 10' #3, 9' #4, 9' #5 Medium Fast Action, 9' #5 Fast Action, 9'6" #5, 9' #6, 9'6" #6, 9' #7, 9'6" #7, 10' #7, 9' #8, 10' #8

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