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Ensuring your gear remains safe when you’re transporting it should be top priority. Our range of fly fishing travel gear includes expertly designed backpacks for carrying all your gear safely as well as other essentials you may need.

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Dry Tactical Backpack 15L, Black

GBP 140,00
We’ve teamed up with renowned Swedish designers Coxa Carry to create the most comfortable, functional and 100% waterproof carrying sol...

Dry Backpack 25 L, Black

GBP 125,00
The highly robust waterproof 25L roll-top backpack is made from 600*1200 Denier Nylon. This carrying solution has a modern welded constructi...

Dry Backpack 25 L, Petrol Blue

GBP 110,00
The highly robust 25L roll-top backpack is made from 600*1200 Denier Nylon with a light grey TPU internal coating.

V10 Sunglasses

GBP 95,00
These sunglasses utilise outstanding polarised optics and polyamide lens technology to dramatically reduce surface glare and refraction from...

X10 Sunglasses

GBP 95,00
Outstanding polarised optics and polyamide lens technology to dramatically reduce glare and refraction from the water surface. ...

Duffel Bag 50 & 90

From: GBP 55,00
50 and 90 litre rugged all-purpose destination bags.

Dry Hip Bag 7L, Black

GBP 65,00
Our first fully waterproof hip pack with roll top closure will carry all your essentials, without you having to miss out on unexpected deep ...

Loop Logo Beanie

GBP 30,00
This classic styled beanie, knit in Sweden, boasts a blend of 50% natural sheep wool and 50% performance acrylic fibers. The wool blend adds...

Loop Multicolor Beanie

GBP 30,00
The two distinct looks of the LOOP Multicolor Beanie were designed and knit in Sweden. So much style with no loss of performance and durabil...
Stripes Navy
Stripes Petrol

Loop Single Merino Beanie

GBP 30,00
Merino wool is a marvel of nature. The breathable fibres wick moisture away from your body to the drier environment outside and has the uniq...
Black Melange
Blue/Gray Melange

Loop Windblocker Beanie

GBP 30,00
The classic style of this 50% natural sheep wool, 50% acrylic, Swedish knit beanie is bolstered by the addition of a windblocker membrane. T...
Warm Yellow
Sold out

Swell Dry Pack 50

GBP 25,00
Ideal for all kinds of water-based activities.

Loop Vintage Cap, Grey

GBP 19,00

Loop Premium Trucker Cap

GBP 19,00

Loop L-Cap

GBP 19,00

Stealth Cap, Black

GBP 19,00
Stealth Cap, Black L-Logo

Loop Classic Snapback Cap, Black/Grey

GBP 19,00

Loop Classic Snapback Cap, dark grey

GBP 19,00